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Deluxe Fruit and Vegetable Box


The Deluxe Fruit and Vegetable box consists of 14 fruit and vegetable items, this is usually 7 varieties of fruit and 7 varieties Vegetables but this can vary depending on season. These will be a combination of staple ingredients and the best seasonal produce.

Our boxes are changed weekly by the experts at Kerry’s to ensure you get a great variety each week. The contents are listed below. We would recommend this box feeds approximately 3-5 people.

If you live in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Leicestershire and have a delivery via our own vehicles. You are able to give your boxes back to the driver to be recycled or reused. Please leave them in your “safe place” if you would like the driver to collect them on their round.

Items in this box, Week Commencing: 12/04/21

  1. Red Potatoes (Shannon) (UK Local Farmer) 2kg
  2. Carrot (UK) 1kg
  3. Spring Cabbage (UK Cornish)
  4. Leeks (Spanish) (2)
  5. Broccoli (Spanish) Minimum 300g
  6. Parsnips (UK) 750g
  7. Sweet Pointed Peppers (Spain) (2)
  8. Bananas (Costa Rica) (5)
  9. Pink Lady Apples (France) (4)
  10. Conference Pears (UK) (4)
  11. Seedless Grapes (Chile) Minimum 400g
  12. Blueberry (Spain) 125g
  13. Clementines (Morocco) (4)
  14. Flavour King Plums (Spain) (4)

Items in this box, Week Commencing: 19/04/21

  1. Baking Potatoes (UK) (6)
  2. Mixed Colour Heritage Carrots (UK) (1Kg)
  3. Bunch Beetroot (UK)
  4. Cavolo Nero (UK/Italy) Minimum 250g
  5. Cauliflower (UK) (1)
  6. 1 Yellow and 1 Green Courgette (Netherlands/Spain)
  7. Broccoli (Spain) Minimum 300g
  8. Hoogstraten Super Sweet Strawberries (Netherlands) 500g
  9. Seedless Grapes (South Africa) Minumum 400g
  10. Blueberries 125g (South Africa/Spain) 400g
  11. Nadorcotts/Clementines (Morocco/Spain) (4)
  12. Pineapple (Costa Rica) (1)
  13. Plums (Spain) (4)
  14. Mango (Brazil) (1)
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Kerry’s will try to fulfil your exact order wherever possible, but individual items are subject to change due to the seasonal nature of our stock. We will substitute a similar item, and only make changes to guarantee you the best produce.

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