Buying local produce is how many of us would prefer to shop. But it isn’t always convenient.

At Kerry’s Fresh, we are trying to change that by building an online Local Shop that stocks produce from the very best suppliers local to Nottingham. One place to buy all of your local goodies.

We have the fruit & veg covered, and are pleased that we have already been able to secure partnerships with the brilliant companies listed below. We are lucky to be working with each of them.

If you would be interested in stocking your products on our site, please contact en*******@ke*********.uk.

hambleton-logo Award-winning Hambleton Bakery use the slow, traditional processes that made the bread that fed our ancestors, championing the magical flavours that can be conjured from unadulterated organic flour, salt and water.

Opened by Julian Carter and Tim Hart in 2008 to produce top-quality bread for Hart’s Hotel & Restaurant in Nottingham and Michelin Star-endorsed Hambleton Hall, it has rapidly developed into one of the best bakeries in the country.

It has grown to supply five Hambleton Bakery shops and many restaurants, gastro pubs, delis and cafes across the surrounding counties, as well as a local school. And now, Kerry’s Fresh!

Hambleton’s was voted Britain’s Best Bakery in 2012, in the ITV show of the same name, and was listed as one of the 20 Best Bakeries in Britain by The Telegraph in January 2016. Julian was individually honoured as Baker of the Year at the Bakery Industry Awards in 2013.

sauce-shop-logoHusband and wife James and Pam Digva began Sauce Shop in their West Bridgford kitchen two years ago, after realising their sauce passion was filling their fridge, but emptying their wallets!

Starting out at local markets, much like the Kerry family did, Sauce Shop has had a remarkable growth in a short period of time and it has turned into a full-time venture for James and Pam, with the company quickly earning appraise for its range of sweet and savoury sauces.

Sauce Shop won the BBC Good Food Show Bursary Award, allowing it to appear at the summer show, and its Sriracha Sauce won a Great Taste Award. They are also renowned for their signature Mushroom Ketchup, which they liken to classic brown sauce.

James and Pam are currently running a crowdfunding campaign through Tesco Backit to raise the money to bring out a new product range. You can support a local business and help them reach their £5,000 goal at

manor-farm-logo Peter Holmes has been farming in Thrussington his whole life alongside wife Cheryl, milking his herd of Pedigree Friesian cows every morning at 5am for more than 50 years.

The yogurt side of the dairy business was launched 30 years ago and continues to go from strength to strength, earning no fewer than 12 awards in the last four years in esteemed categories across the field, including at the internationally-reputed Nantwich Show.

Much of this can be put down to the passion and enthusiasm shown by Peter and his colleagues, some of whom have been working for Manor Farm since the very beginning of their yogurt-making days. Peter’s cows are out at pasture as much as possible, roaming freely and only wintering in adverse weather. Cheryl recounts that her husband knows the name and history of every cow in the yard!

Peter and Cheryl are also great supporters of local business, supplying mostly local traders with their selection of creamy and flavoursome yogurts, including a low-fat range, all of which are now available on our website. We are thrilled to have them on board.

200-degrees-logo In 2011, three coffee-loving friends came together in the hope of offering Nottingham, and beyond, a purer, fresher alternative to the bland corporate coffee that they had little choice but to serve at their own bars.

Fast forward five years and 200 Degrees Coffee Roasters supply many cafes and restaurants across Nottingham and the United Kingdom with their hand-roasted and delicately-flavoured blends, which are roasted a stone’s throw away from the Kerry’s Fresh unit on Meadow Lane.

They have perfected the craft so quickly that 200 Degrees are now on their way to having four cafes of their own in Nottingham and Birmingham, and have even opened a Barista school to pass on their expertise and continued guidance to the sort of coffee enthusiasts whom they were only a short time ago.

Beans are sourced anywhere from Brazil to India and delivered weekly to ensure freshness. Their hand roasters regularly experiment to discover new flavour combinations which have a smooth finish and subtle sweetness, always roasting at a lighter temperature of, you guessed it, 200°C.

Based in the Nottingham village of Southwell, The Extraordinary John Starkey Bramley Apple Products are a family company who can boast of having nearly as long an existence as Kerry’s.

Fruit growing began at Norwood Park in 1910 when John R. Starkey MP planted a Bramley Apple orchard. The Original Bramley Apple Tree is even older, 204 years old and still producing fruit which is now being squeezed into a selection of apple juices.

Starkey’s juices are the refreshing, pure taste of pressed apples with absolutely no additives – healthy and delicious. They come in five thirst-quenching flavours, including the Bramley Apple variety which is made from fruit which grew on the world-famous original tree.

The farm is now run by Sir John Starkey, grandson of the founder, with help from his daughter Suzannah and son Hugo, heir to the business which will be five generations deep (just like Kerry’s!) by the time that Hugo’s eldest son Felix is picking apples off the branches.

Because Sir John’s apples are picked when they are fully mature, they have soaked up more weeks of autumn sunshine and absorbed more goodness from the Southwell keuper marl clay, which is the characteristic of the land where the original Bramley tree still stands.

This results in apples having that perfect Bramley blush, distinct texture and extraordinary taste, all without adding anything artificial. We are thrilled to be the only website to have their range of juices available to buy online, and be delivered straight to your door.

Nottingham Seafoods The one and only fresh fish & seafood wholesale business in Nottingham, much of the fish that you will be familiar with from your local restaurants will come from Nottingham Seafoods.

They also supply gastro pubs, hotels, nursing homes, fishmongers and fish & chip shops across the region with their outstanding range of fresh fish such as salmon, sea bass or scallops.

But this 80-year-old company began on the same market stalls that Kerry’s once stood, working the local Central Market then The Victoria Market in later years, and the similarities between ourselves and our fresh fish provider don’t end there…

Nottingham Seafoods is another family-run company which has been passed down the generations. It is now in the hands of Richard and based only a few hundred yards down the road from Kerry’s distribution depot. Talk about local companies working together!

Julia's Bread, Cakes & Preserves As you may have guessed from the company name, Julia’s Bread, Cakes and Preserves offer a wide variety of sweet delights from their base in Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

For the timebeing, it is their selection of jams, chutneys and relishes that we are offering from our online Local Shop, although we may look to expand our range of Julia’s stock in the future!

Julia was persuaded to go into commercial cake-making over 20 years ago after her family convinced her that the rest of the country needed to taste her no-nonsense, handmade cakes that are made with no pre-mixes, stabilizers or emulsifiers.

Now in the hands of daughter Cheryl, Julia’s has become a respected brand in the Midlands and further afield, and has branched out to offer lots of different treats, including their homemade takes on classic jams and chutneys, as well as some more experimental flavours, all of which are delicious!

A.E Chambers Logo A family company founded shortly after Kerry’s, A.E Chambers have been established in the meat trade since the end of the 19th century, and Alfred Chambers opened doors at their Arnold shop on Front Street in 1945.

That shop is still going strong and the company now also have a Nottingham-based warehouse which is run by Alfred’s son, Phil Chambers. From here they distribute as wide as Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, but the heart of the business remains where it started; in the East Midlands.

Chambers is a founder member of the prestigious Guild of Q Butchers – a seal of excellence in the industry and recognition of the quality and innovative products which are the forefront of their business. Only 121 butchers across the United Kingdom have this mark of approval.

Experience this yourself by ordering from our Butchery section, which includes sausages and bacon, and pies and quiches made with only the finest British meat. We hope to soon add a wide selection of fresh meats to our Chambers range.

FDL Cheese Logo Victor Albiniano and Phil Young are to cheese what our very own Dean Kerry is to fruit and vegetables. Between them, the FDL Cheese owners have over 50 years experience in the cheese industry. Dean is keen to stress, he isn’t 50 years experienced!

FDL are the latest in a string of family-run businesses which have joined our online Local Shop, although the roots of this family business are a little further afield. Victor’s dad, a cheese maker by trade, moved to the United Kingdom from Italy and started selling mozzarella.

Victor caught smell of his father’s passion and the business has grown into what it is today. From their Loughborough base, FDL now supply cheese and dairy products to businesses all over the Midlands, including pizzerias, restaurants, delis and schools.

They are experts at sourcing top-quality cheese from all over the country. The Calverley Mill selection of cheddars available from our online Local Shop are from Nantwich. We are so glad that they brought them to Nottingham, and you will be too if you give them a try!