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Office Hours 9am - 5pm Mon – Fri
Free Delivery over £15
Family Run Local Service
Delivered Direct to Your Door
Hallam Internet

Hallam Internet is one of Nottingham’s leading digital marketing agencies. With more than 45 employees, Team Hallam enjoys three of our 50-piece fruit boxes, and have been a loyal Kerry’s customer since our business box service started.

The company

Nottingham-based Digital Marketing Agency, Hallam Internet, identified the need to keep their employees fuelled with nutritious snacks during work hours. The Hallam team are often engrossed in paid advertising campaigns, or getting their hands dirty with technical search engine optimisation (SEO) and sometimes need a ‘pick me up’ to keep them working at full capacity.

Founder Susan Hallam is invested in making the agency ‘the best place to work’, and being able to offer free fruit in the office is a healthy perk which she felt the team would appreciate.

The problem

Once the need for fruit in the office had been identified, the task was then to find a local supplier that could meet the businesses requirements and offer a quality product at a fair price.

Hallam explored various options for getting fresh fruit delivered to the office, one of which was to order the fruit online with a supermarket and get it delivered to the office. This seemed like a good solution initially, however the time required to order the fruit became inconvenient and was not a sensible use of the team’s time.

Digital Marketing Manager Hannah Broom comments:

“Ordering the fruit online with a Supermarket seemed like a good idea at the time but we quickly realised that this was more hassle than it was worth and looked to find a more practical solution. We wanted to partner with a suppler who was local, reliable and easy to deal with”.

Going back to the drawing board, Hallam began the search for a company that could streamline the process.

The solution

Among a few fruit suppliers online, Kerry’s Fresh stood out due to their local ethos and family run approach. Following the research process, Kerry’s began supplying the fruit to the office and Hallam have been impressed with the high quality of the produce and the friendly approach of their staff.

Business Box

“Here at Hallam Internet we are committed to supporting local businesses and Kerry’s were a clear choice for our fruit supplier. Our two companies have developed a close working relationship, and in addition to Business Boxes, Hallam has used Kerry’s to cater their new office launch party. And Team Hallam built the new Kerry’s website, as well as providing marketing strategy support.

“With increasing competition to create engaging and rewarding workplaces for your employees, I would highly recommend Kerry’s if you are looking to offer a healthy perk. After all, you know what they say about an apple a day!”

Ben Wood, Director of Marketing Services, Hallam Internet.

The benefits

  • Convenience – No more online supermarket orders
  • Reliability – Kerry’s never miss a fruit delivery and deliver fruit boxes Monday and Wednesday to Hallam before lunch (just as the Hallam team are getting peckish)
  • Product and price – Hallam are confident in the knowledge that they are investing in locally sourced produce and not paying over the odds
  • Keeping it local – Hallam are passionate about working with local businesses
  • Flexibility – There is the option to change the contents of the fruit box to meet your preferences, keeping all the team happy

If you are interested in talking to Kerry’s about how they can help by supplying fresh fruit to your office, then get in touch via the Business Box enquiry form on their website.

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