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We’re all about supporting local businesses at Kerry’s, which is why we’ve partnered with our favourite providers, delivering their goods directly to your door.

Investing in our local economy isn’t the only benefit of supporting local companies: a mixture of great ingredients and expertise means we know they provide some truly amazing food. In fact, you can find out why we think it’s so much better to shop local here.

Here are seven tasty treats brought to you by businesses across the East Midlands, that you’ll definitely want to try out!

Fennel & Coriander Salami

 Fennel & Coriander Salami

Awarded with a Great Taste badge in 2016, try this classic salami with a twist, featuring hints of pepper and aniseed.

This fennel and coriander salami has been handcrafted by Rutland Charcuterie, located in the heart of the East Midlands. Their three core values are always in mind when creating their delectable charcuterie range: provenance, high animal welfare standards and great taste.

Made from free-range pork, try serving the salami as part of a charcuterie platter for family and friends.

Once you’ve opened it, you’ll need to refrigerate it and consume within three days (although it’s so tasty, you may find yourself eating it all in one go…!).

Borodinsky Bread


Sent straight from Russia with love (well, kind of), this Eastern European-inspired bread is lovingly baked at the award-winning Hambleton Bakery in the Midlands. Having won multiple awards including ITV’s Britain’s Best Baker, you don’t need to be an expert to know it’s going to taste good!

Borodinsky has its origins firmly rooted in Russia, and is a dark rye bread filled with malt and coriander seeds.

Make like the Russians and serve with ham, pickles, smoked fish or cream cheese. Alternatively, to experience the true flavour of the bread, simply spread a little butter on top, and enjoy.

La Nina de Guatemala


200 Degrees is famed throughout Nottingham for its artisan coffee, and we’re lucky enough to stock them in our local shop.

Special mention goes to their La Nina de Guatemala coffee, which has a beautifully soft taste thanks to its blend of sweet, lemony Guatemalan beans and caramel Brazilian beans.

Ideal for home brews, you can create the perfect cup of coffee with either a cafetiere, drip filter, aeropress or stove top pot.

Old English Blend Juice

Old English Blend Juice

Enjoy the sweet yet crisp taste of John Starkey’s Old English Blend juice: a combination of Ribston Pippin, Blenheim Orange and Newton’s Wonder apples. It’s best enjoyed in the morning with breakfast, although to be honest, we could drink it any time in the day!

Also known as the Bramley Apple Man, John Starkey is based just down the road in Southwell. Picking their apples only when they’re fully mature, means they’ve soaked up more sun, and absorbed lots of goodness from the Southwell keuper marl clay, making for an extra delicious drink.

Salted Caramel Sauce


No additives, just great quality ingredients. Handmade by the Sauce Shop, this local business was set up in West Bridgford in 2014 when owners James and Pam realised their sauce passion was filling their fridge, but emptying their wallets.

Their salted caramel sauce is one of our favourites: the creamy caramel sauce features just a hint of salt, and works well on sundaes and banana-based desserts. However, we think it tastes equally good eaten straight from a spoon!

Lemon & Ginger Granola

Granola is one of those types of foods that you eat a lot of, thinking it’s healthy. In actual fact, a lot of granola sold at supermarkets are packed full of sugar, so they’re not that good at all.

This definitely isn’t the case with this delicious lemon and ginger granola. Made by Greenoaks in Grantham, owner Jules originally created her granola when she was thinking of ways to help her active family eat well.

This oat and maple-based granola contains lemon, ginger, coconut flakes, walnuts and more. It’s equally tasty eaten dry as a nutritious snack, or served with yoghurt or milk for breakfast. One thing’s for sure, once you’ve had a mouthful of this granola, you won’t be able to get enough!

Black Cherry Yoghurt


Rich and creamy with a hint of tartness, this black cherry yoghurt is something that definitely needs trying.

Made by Manor Farm in Thrussington, Leicester, they’ve been making yoghurts for over thirty years, and have won 12 awards in the last four years.

Great Food Mag named their yoghurts as the best in the world, and you’ll find owners Peter and Cheryl milking their cows every morning at 5am sharp, so that they can continue making their great tasting range of yoghurts and dairy products.

Now you’ve seen the range of local products we offer, all that’s left for you to do is place your order, and wait for it to be delivered to your door. You can check out our delivery dates here.

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